LAURIE SKANTZOS (silent 't')

In my most recent body of work I employ repetition or standardization, suggesting stability. Hand cut templates, which are somewhat crudely made and imperfectly spaced, thwart this initial control, indicating the human hand involved in the making. Layering, scraping back and re-application of paint in a manner that both obscures and reveals simultaneously, leads me through a process driven inquiry where discovery and exploration are the main objectives.

Laurie Skantzos’ abstract painting is largely inspired by the natural world and filtered through her inner landscape. She studied fine art at the University of Waterloo and her work is displayed in galleries throughout Ontario. She actively participates in shows and art fairs both locally and internationally. Laurie’s award winning work is included in private and public collections across North America, Europe and Asia. She works from her studio in Elora, Ontario where she is the resident artist at Elora Centre For The Arts.