Inspired by the colour, narration and design of Medieval Illuminated Books, Tapestries and Architecture, my work in tile and in sculpture explores the story of Flora and Fauna of my surrounding Landscape.  Mary works as a full time Studio Ceramic Artist, designing Tile for custom work and producing a line of Limited production, hand Pressed tile in Porcelain. Mary also produces unique sculptural pieces reflecting the animals and avian that she illustrates in her two dimensional tile.  Mary studied Ceramics and Design at the School of Craft and Design at Sheridan College, after completing a BFA in Art History and Archeology at the University of Guelph. Further studies have included Anthropology and Archeology at McMaster University, and Ceramics Intensives at Alfred University, NY.  Recipient of the Helen Copeland Award from the Ontario Craft Council, for an Established Artist working in her field 2015.

 (Please note: We have a constantly changing selection of Mary's pieces in the gallery.  Pieces shown are a sampling of Mary Philpott's work)