I believe that everything I do is practice.  My functional and conceptual body of work represents my interpretation of the spiritual path through life.  I draw my inspiration from the simplicity of everyday life; my observations, meditations and lessons learned. The ethereal qualities of porcelain; translucency, beauty, strength and fragility, is for me, analogous of our own skin, shell or armor. In life as well as my craft, it is the process not the result that teaches the most.  The scars, scratches and imperfections are what we wear, making each of us, beautiful. The fine skin like quality I strive for in each of my pieces is an exercise in the human experience.   The marks made by me or by the fire, evoke true nature, true self.  Each piece made is never the exactly the same as the next.  The clay takes on a life of it’s own as it expresses it’s narrative through my hands. My handmade porcelain work is intimate and personal. Fragile beyond belief, one must first pause and think about how to touch or hold my pieces.  Unconsciously raising their level of self awareness and allowing them to be in the moment. This is my intention.

(Please note: We have a constantly changing selection of Hannun's pieces in the gallery. Pieces shown are a sampling of Hannun Lyn's work)