"I have a strong feeling that just beyond our senses there is something magical about life, something very subtle yet powerful. My work has become a search for that mysterious part of myself and my world."

I made this statement a number of years ago. It continues to express my underlying purpose for making art.  My studio looks out onto my tiny garden and it was an experience there that lead me to create this new series, Sky Over Garden. I have somehow been reaching to capture the experience of the sky and the garden at the same time.  The oil stick paintings on board are a new challenge for me. They became very thick and layered as I searched in the work until something resonated with my inner sense of the world.   Although the two surfaces (Mylar and board) are very different I have approached both works with the same energetic gestures. The paintings continued to evolve and emerge from the multiple layers of marks, scribbles, rubbings and scratchings that celebrate and mirror the connection with the self and the natural elements.