My interest lays in the theatrics of human interaction and the achievement of a contrary aesthetic. Which is the capacity for a piece of art to affect an audience on multiple levels at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. I find myself drawn to images or spaces that evoke an appreciation of beauty on the surface followed by the realization of some other adverse emotion. With my work I strive to create and understand the feeling of unsettling beauty.

I combine events from everyday life with autobiographic reflection. I have chosen to depicts animals in an unreal or otherworldly manner, which allows me to examine relationships within the human world. I explore the anthropomorphic qualities of animals in a psychological more than physical way. By imposing human persona on the animal I am able to present situations and ideas that are sometimes difficult but become approachable with the ambiguous nature of the animal personality.

The animal members of the cast, in my play of imagery are continually developing in their own world. My work allows me to incorporate scraps of autobiographical sentiment and historical fragment. I continue to investigate the nuance involved in human interaction, particularly desire, heartache, and the drama of life and death in order to better understand my existence and to confront the viewer with my own kind of morality.


(Please note: We have a constantly changing selection of Ashley's pieces in the gallery. Pieces shown are a sampling of Ashley Beecraft's work)